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Junk Removal Services Case Studies: Cleaning Out Debris in Naugatuck, CT

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This homeowner in Naugatuck, CT had recently completed a large home renovation. They had more construction debris than what could fit inside the large, durable bag placed on their property, and it was becoming an eyesore that the owners had grown tired of. Luckily the Junkluggers of New Haven are no strangers to this exact situation, and they were able to quickly help the homeowner resolve their issue!


Within an hour, the crew was able to accurately estimate the volume that these materials would take up in the back of their truck; they then removed the junk inside the bag, as well as the bag itself and the overflow that had made its way onto the yard during the renovations.

After the bulk items were removed, the Junkluggers of New Haven gently raked the yard to secure any small debris and chunks, leaving the property look better than ever!

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